5 Muscle Building Exercises You Can Do at Home Without Tools

There are many sports that you can do at home, without having to go to the gym. Especially during the rainy season, you must be lazy to go outside just to move, even though you can move your body at home. If you are still confused about what to do at home, this is what you can do.

1. Plank

This is a popular sport these days, because it is not only easy to do but can also train various parts of the body muscles, especially the abdominal muscles, thighs and arms. Do it just 1 minute every day, if you are not strong, you can do what you can. But routine do it every day so it gets used to it.

2. Push up

Push ups will definitely be very difficult to do if you’ve never done them before. Don’t rush and get discouraged. Start by holding your weight in your hands in a push-up position, slowly bring your arms down and raise them back up if you can’t stand it. And so on until you can really push up.

3. Sit ups

Sit ups can be done while watching TV. You can do it slowly and every now and then without having to push yourself. If you feel challenged and want to do more, you can set a specific time and do as many sit-ups as you want to do.

4. Squats

While watching TV, you can also do squats and hold your weight on your thighs. Do this several times and hold the position while controlling the breath.

5. Dance

Simple, listen to up beat songs and dance. You can move your body at will or if you have unbeatable dance skills, you can also practice them at home. That’s some light muscle building exercises that you can do at home instead of going to the gym.

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