Nutrition Needed by the Body to Always Be Healthy in Old Age

Getting adequate nutrition as we age becomes a particular challenge. The calories needed will continue to be reduced and the body will be less than optimal in absorbing various important nutrition. For that you must try to meet nutritional needs through healthy and balanced meals so that you can help your body stay fit. Below are some nutritional records that the body needs to help it stay healthy even though it is old.

1. Calcium

One of the risks that is often felt by the elderly is brittle bones and break easily. To prevent this problem from happening, it needs to be supported by consuming foods and drinks that contain calcium. The benefits of calcium itself are not only for bones, but good for maintaining healthy nerves and heart.

To meet calcium needs, it is recommended to consume milk and dairy products every day. In addition, calcium can be obtained from foods such as broccoli, kale, kale, and seafood. You can also be creative in making smoothies from ingredients such as fruits and vegetables which contain calcium and add a mixture of plain yogurt. This menu can be an attractive option for people who have difficulty chewing or run out … Read More

What is the Difference Between Tonic Water and Soda Water?

Tonic water is similar to soda water, but they are very different. Tonic water is made up of quinine which is an all-natural, crystalline alkaloid. Quinine is a natural crystalline alkaloid with many medicinal properties, including analgesics and anti-inflammatory. Club soda or soda water usually has sodium tricarbonate and potassium sulfate. However, these ingredients have no medicinal benefits.

Tonic water was originally given to those suffering from malaria. Tonic water was created when regular water was added to quinine. The cure for malaria was eventually brought from South Asia to British colonial India. There, the British population began to mix the tonic with Gin to reduce its strong taste.

It is possible to find a slightly different tonic water today than the one that was used to treat malaria. This tonic water was bitter because it contained a lot of quinine. This water is now sweetened with sugar and has a lower amount of quinine. Tonic water is a popular choice because of its unique taste.

Joseph Priestley invented soda water in 1767. Priestley invented the concoction after he noticed that carbon could be added to water to make carbonation. In the early 20th century, wealthy people had soda water … Read More

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