More and More Unknown Pregnancies

Do you recognize that? Not knowing who the father of your newborn child is? Today it is very normal. Where in the past many people stayed with one and the same person, today it is much more natural to experiment. This is because the subject is becoming less and less taboo. It is also because more and more children want to act more mature than they actually are. How did that happen? And how can you find out for yourself who the father of your newborn child is.

Normally 18+, now 13+

Because there is more and more freedom, it is natural that children will experiment. They will often start doing this at a younger age. This is usually due to outside influence. When all your friends have already kissed, you can’t stay behind. Many feel this pressure and for that reason sometimes go beyond their limits. But it is also the case that today’s youth think much more quickly that they are already adults, while they may not yet be. By putting on more makeup at a younger age and already starting to drink, they are often seen older than they really are.

Not safe enough

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