Helping Dogs Suffering from Separation Anxiety with CBD

Are you a homeowner who has ever gone out of your home and left behind your dog’s barking and whining? Have you ever returned to find furniture or other household items damaged or shredded at your home? Even though your dog is potty-trained, did they have an accident?

Are you able to keep your dog safe if you’re nearby but trouble starts when you go away?

Dogs that show signs of anxiety, fear, panic, or discomfort when you leave them are most likely suffering from separation anxiety.

Around 50% of dogs have separation anxiety. This is a very common problem. However, you can help your dog feel better when you’re not there.

Helping Your Dog Deal With Separation Stress

These tips can help you to overcome separation anxiety and stress in your dog.

Keep Your Dog Happy

Give your pet something to do when you’re not there. You could give your pet a new toy or a puzzle to solve, or even a chew stick.

Leave the Television On

Dogs love to listen to and watch animal-friendly TV programming. You have the option of choosing a show you want to turn off or one that only features animals. This can be a great way to reduce anxiety and nervousness in your dog while still keeping him calm.

Get Them Tired

Before you go to work, try to get energy from your pet. You could take them on a walk before going to work or play with them for a bit.

Stay Calm

When you are dealing with separation anxiety in your dog, try to be calm and gentle. Your dog will mirror your emotions.

Consider Medications and Supplements

Your vet might be able to give medication that will relax your dog. You may also consider CBD for its many relaxing benefits.

Although there is no magic bullet that can cure separation anxiety in dogs, the tips and information above can be very helpful. You will feel more relaxed if you calm your dog.

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