What is Maki Sushi Roll?

Maki is a type of sushi roll that contains toasted seaweed nori, rolled around vinegar-flavored Rice and other fillings such as raw seafood.

What does Maki mean?

Two futomaki rolls

maki is a term that means “roll”. There are many types of uramaki, which can be complex and require skilled chefs to pay attention. Others, such as temaki, are easy to prepare and can be made at home or at social events.

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What is a Maki Sushi Roll?

There are many types of Maki sushi, depending on the thickness and construction. hosomaki is the most popular form.


This thin roll is made by putting a small piece of sushi rice along the edge of a sheet nori. Then, you roll it up tight to make a slimmed down roll. Before serving, the roll is cut into smaller pieces. Hosomaki are commonly made from cucumber rolls and carrot rolls.


Futomaki is a “fat roll” that can be … Read More

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