5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Up to 500 Calories Per Day

In addition to exercise, losing weight can be done by adjusting the right food composition. The key is just reducing daily calorie intake. Because weight gain is very much influenced by how many calories are consumed. Try it the simple way, by cutting 500 calories a day. The ideal daily intake for a person is a maximum of 2000 calories. If more than that, it will make the body overweight. Of course, it must also be combined with exercise.

If you can cut 500 calories a day, that means you will create a weight deficit of 3,500 calories for seven days. This can lead to weight loss of as much as 0.5 kg per week. This amount is considered safe by experts at the Mayo Clinic. 500 calories is considered safe and will not starve someone every day

Limit soda and sweet drinks

Instead, try a glass of water with an orange wedge for flavor in the morning and avoid carbonated or fizzy water.

Replace Wings with Chicken Breast

Eight chicken wings can provide more than 800 calories, you know! Instead, replace it with chicken breast so that it cuts the saturated fat from the skin of the chicken wings.

Healthier Home Cooking

A study published in July 2014 in Public Health Nutrition found that when people cook at home instead of going to a restaurant, a person consumes nearly 200 calories. Less than eating at a restaurant.

Choose Sirloin Meat

It’s okay if you still want to eat steak. But keep in mind that there are cuts of steak that make the meat more fatty. Ribeye steak can even provide up to 1,000 calories. Instead, opt for sirloin fillets. Sirloin filet provides only 372 calories.

Replace Bread with Soup

Avoid ordering bread or eating bread. A few slices of bread can get close to 1,000 calories. So, it would be better to consume broth-based soup. Two cups of vegetable soup contains only 167 calories.

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