5 Tips for Healthy Living with Technology

The slogan of a healthy lifestyle is increasingly buzzing along with the habits of modern humans who rarely exercise, eat less healthy food amid high stress. As a result, the body is vulnerable to illness which results in swelling of the budget to see a doctor.

Therefore, let’s prevent the body from falling from the beginning! Fortunately for us, we now have a variety of choices that help us keep our bodies in shape through devices, applications, and shows on the internet.

Fitness Tracker

Starting from tens of thousands of rupiah, you can get a fitness tracker that functions to monitor daily activities and health. From counting the heart rate, the number of steps per day to the quality of sleep, a fitness tracker is available according to the needs of prospective buyers.

The fitness tracker is suitable when you use to exercise, like when jogging. The colorful and minimalist device variants will make you look cool and stylish even though your body sweat while running.


It can also buy a smartwatch or smartwatch. In the smartwatch, various health features can provide fitness information for its users, such as heart rate. Apart from that, you still use a smartwatch to communicate, organizer, digital camera, directions and more. Developers began to make smartwatch like a smartphone by including features in the watch.

Watch Gymnastics on YouTube

You guys are gymnastics fans but don’t have time to take gym classes because of your busy schedule? You can use your free time to keep exercising at home anytime and anywhere. Thanks to YouTube, you can find many creators as well as fitness experts or gymnastics trainers who are happy to share their knowledge.

With your internet quota and free time, you can try lots of movements to suit your body’s needs. Interestingly, you can exercise together with other family members. Exciting, right?

Health Application

In addition to keeping the body physically healthy, don’t forget the nutritious nutrition for the brain. Take advantage of the availability of information about health for free through health applications that you can get in cyberspace. Usually, these applications not only provide information about health but also healthy food, illness, body complaints to consult a doctor. Don’t forget to peek at the question and answer forum where you can find solutions to complaints from other citizens’ bodies that you may be experiencing.

Social media

It’s time not only to use social media for narcissistic alone. From now on, try to follow a content creator account that focuses on working on healthy culinary or fitness. Some creators share body health and mental health information. You can mimic tips on making foods high in fiber and low in calories with good taste. Things like this are important than subscribing to healthy foods that are usually expensive. Starting to get used to eating healthy foods and drinks is no less important than exercise.