What is the difference between a legal paternity test and a home kit?

Parents who are considering a paternity test are left with many questions. In this blog we are going to explain to you the difference between a legal paternity test and a home paternity test. Before you, as a parent, start ordering such a test, it is important to know what the difference is, and what you need the results for. If you know what you need the results for, that is a good start.

Need the results for the court

If the results of the paternity test are needed in court then a home kit is often not good enough. It has happened before that the home kit was submitted as evidence, but that the authenticity of the results was questioned by the other party. In such a case the court ordered that a legal paternity test be done. So if you need the results in court it is often a waste of money to order a home kit. In this case you should always opt for the legal paternity test. Other reasons for choosing this test are changing the birth certificate of your child or immigration application of the father or child.

When to get a home kit?

If you do not need the results of the test for legal reasons, but you are still looking for answers then a home test is highly recommended. The result of the test is very accurate and falsification is not possible. Over the years there have been several attempts to falsify the test, but because it is such an accurate test that works with a DNA sample. So it is save to say that it is actually not possible to falsify a paternity test.

Difference legal paternity test vs home paternity test

The home kit works in the following way. You order a paternity test from the lab. The box contains the stuff you need to collect DNA from the possible father, the child and also the mother. You are not required to submit the mother’s DNA for the test to be successful. But it is recommended to make it easier for the lab. With a legal paternity test, it is mandatory to go to a designated location to have a DNA sample taken. To prove that you are the person who is being tested, you must show your ID card. 

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