Trampoline Jumping is Fun

Trampoline Jumping is FunA trampoline exercise program is great if you are looking for a fun exercise you can do inside your own home but you just can’t bring yourself to get enthusiastic about an exercise bike and you can’t see yourself walking for miles and going nowhere on a treadmill then here is a great idea for getting into an at-home exercise program. Trampoline jumping is fun, it’s good for your heart, it gets your metabolism going and it requires absolutely no expertise. What’s more you can start out as slowly as you like, taking small bounces at first where your feet barely leave the surface, and work your way up to a heart thumping, energetic work out that really gets the juices going.

Any exercise program should be fun and the trampoline certainly fits that bill. Look for a small one called a mini-trampoline or a rebounder. Keep it near the T.V. but make sure there is a reasonable height between the trampoline and the ceiling because as soon as you get into this great jumping exercise you will want to go higher and higher.

A great way to begin your routine on the trampoline is to start out with gentle walking motions, without jumping. Just rise up one leg at the heel slightly and then the other. Don’t even leave the surface at first. If you are not used to exercise this is a good way to warm up. As you get those muscles in motion, gradually begin taking small jumps, first on one leg, then on the other, until you are ready to start some heavy duty bouncing fun with both legs at once.

A trampoline exercise program is kinder on your joints than jogging, step, or even running to lose weight. NASA scientists agree that the rebounding action of a trampoline actually helps to cushion jarring of the knees, hips and ankle joints.

Exercise of any kind, especially aerobic exercise, is good for building up the immune system and helps you resist common colds, flu and other illnesses.  Trampolining is easy to do while you watch T.V. or a movie, and it’s even better if you can move the trampoline outside and get in some great exercise outside. You will reap even more benefits from being outside in the fresh air, including getting some natural vitamin D from the sunshine while you work out.

If you have kids who spend too much time in front of the T.V., the computer, or their video game console, put the mini-trampoline nearby. Your kids will take breaks to get into their own trampoline exercise program without you even having to breathe a word about how much time they are spending at the computer screen. And when they go to bed, you can sneak in your own routine, getting double benefits from this simple device. You will be building aerobic resistance without even trying. Your heart, your muscles and your mind will all feel better and the best thing is that you don’t have to work out a complicated routine in order to develop the best exercise program – trampoline jumping is just fun and easy.

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