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We defined, within the preamble to the proposed rule (79 FR at 11950), that these modifications would make it easier for label customers to grasp what the vitamin information in the Nutrition Facts label refers to, as a result of it might eliminate the need to first locate the “Serving measurement” declaration to see what the serving size unit is. Because research recommend that buyers usually find serving dimension info tough to interpret (Ref. 9) we stated that specifying the precise serving size in the “Amount per ____” declaration would likely help shoppers to more readily observe and comprehend the nutrition information that is displayed in the label. One remark opposed to proper-justifying the serving dimension quantitative info on the Supplement Facts label. The comment stated that as a result of the “Serving dimension” declaration must be left-justified, the quantitative data for serving dimension ought to appear close to this declaration, somewhat than on the other facet of the panel the place it will be separated by a large white space. Under our preexisting regulations at § one hundred and one.9(d), this numerical data is said instantly adjacent to the “Serving Size” declaration.

E. Calories

By maintaining the proposed “Serving size” declaration left-justified whereas proper-justifying the corresponding numerical values, the proposed change would create white space on the Nutrition Facts label that might end in a much less cluttered appearance, heightened focus and emphasis, and improved readability (Ref. 268). This design characteristic would offer enhanced emphasis to the information about serving dimension, permitting this data to be more noticeable and thereby facilitating its entry and use by shoppers. (Response) We recognize the importance of offering shoppers with extra in-depth details about the that means of the serving size and intend to make this a key element of our future diet training efforts for shoppers. However, we decline to revise the rule to add a footnote to the Nutrition Facts label to indicate that the serving size is based on what is often consumed, somewhat than what is recommended. Manufacturers can embrace a truthful and not deceptive assertion explaining the that means of serving size elsewhere on the product label.

(Comment 505) Many comments supported eradicating the footnote desk itemizing DRVs for sure nutrients primarily based on 2,000 and 2,500 calorie diets. The feedback stated that the footnote table is complicated and troublesome to learn; shoppers usually don’t perceive the way to use it and probably derive little value from it; and the footnote occupies priceless label house that might be used for different info. However, different feedback favored retaining the footnote table, indicating that it is useful for diet training purposes, may help customers gain a perspective on their every day nutrient intake, and is a convenient reference for shoppers who need this info. The remark said there was a discrepancy in how we described the vertical association of nutrient data for vitamins and minerals in § 101.9(d) and the way this information was displayed in the label format shown in proposed § 101.9(d).

For instance, feedback suggested that, as a result of the “Amount per __ (serving)” declaration is comparatively small compared to the proposed “Calories” and “__servings per container” declarations, customers may mistakenly affiliate the numeric worth for “Calories” with the contents of the whole container, quite than with only one serving. Several feedback emphasised that shopper research is required to further investigate codecs that might facilitate shopper understanding of this label info and be sure that the format does not lead to shoppers misinterpreting the calories info.

In doing so, there might be consistency with the usage of the term folate in labeling of each standard foods and dietary dietary supplements. In addition, the mcg DFE displays the truth that folic acid is more bioavailable than folate and is the idea of the DV. By requiring the declaration of the mcg DFE folate, a percent DV based mostly on mcg DFE, and the mcg of folic acid in parentheses on dietary dietary supplements when folic acid is added as a nutrient complement, shoppers will be aware of the kind and quantity of folate or folic acid within the dietary complement.

For most labels, the proposed rule also would listing p.c DVs in a column to the left of the names of the vitamins and their quantitative quantities, with a thin vertical line separating the % DV column from the list of nutrients. Many comments disagreed with the proposed change and said it will make the serving measurement data repetitive, create unnecessary litter, and impose additional area constraints on the label. Another comment instructed that itemizing the serving size in the “Amount per ____” statement is unnecessary as a result of our proposal to reverse the order of “Serving measurement” and “Servings Per Container” and make the “__ servings per container” data more outstanding already allows the serving dimension to be more easily identified. The comment said that only the “Serving measurement” declaration should be used to point the quantity of meals contained in a serving, and that doing so would maintain consistency with the current Nutrition Facts label.

(Response) As we explained within the preamble to the proposed rule (79 FR at 11949), reversing the order during which “Serving Size” and “Servings Per Container” are listed would place the serving dimension information in nearer proximity to where the actual nutrient info is located on the Nutrition Facts label. If the order of the “Serving Size” and “Servings Per Container” declarations was preserved as in our preexisting rules and as most well-liked by some feedback, the relationship between the diet data and the serving measurement could be much less clear. We handle the feedback concerns regarding increased emphasis of “serving measurement” as an alternative of “servings per container” in our response to remark 488. Several feedback expressed considerations that making the calorie declaration so outstanding may have an effect on shopper use and understanding of different data on the Nutrition Facts label.

Our preexisting regulations require the Nutrition Facts label to include a subheading designated as “Amount Per Serving” and to separate this subheading from the serving size information by a bar (§ 101.9(d)) and highlight the subheading in daring or extra bold type or different highlighting (§ 109(d)(iv)). The proposed rule would change the “Amount Per Serving” declaration to “Amount per ____”, with the blank stuffed in with the precise serving measurement expressed in family items. We also proposed growing the kind size of this data and, to heighten contrast with the calories info, using semi-daring quite than daring or further bold highlighting.

For dietary supplements, § a hundred and one.36(b)(i)(B) specifies that vitamins and minerals should be declared in a selected order on the Supplement Facts label. The proposed rule would add choline to the listing of ordered vitamins in § a hundred and one.36(b)(i)(B) and that, when declared, choline must observe potassium on the label. (Response) As mentioned partially II.N.three.b, the final rule requires that the Supplement Facts label declare folate in mcg DFE, a % DV based mostly on mcg DFE, and that the mcg of folic acid be said in parenthesis when folic acid is added as a nutrient supplement to a dietary supplement.

The comment further instructed that the phrase “or may be listed in two columns” ought to be clarified, significantly as regards to the location of the nutrient name, the % Daily Value, and the quantitative amounts, and that an instance of this label would be useful. The proposed rule would use “% DV” somewhat than “% Daily Value” because the column heading above the nutrient listings to provide consistency among the completely different label formats and to maintain the alignment of this heading over the DV column.

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