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We additionally disagree with the remark that means there should be no restriction of sodium beneath present consumption ranges of 3,000 mg/day because of considerations of adverse well being outcomes. The 2005 IOM Electrolytes report reviewed the evidence on low sodium intake and blood lipid concentrations and insulin resistance and famous that the Al of 1,500 mg/day exceeds the levels of sodium consumption (sometimes lower than seven-hundred mg/day) which have been related in some research with antagonistic effects of blood lipid concentrations and insulin resistance (Ref. 166).

Reading Nutrition Facts Labels

The comment didn’t provide, nor do we have, a basis to require labeling of fluoride content when intentionally added. The addition of fluorine compounds to foods that would be topic to a voluntary fluoride declaration within the Nutrition Facts label contains fluoride in water that is used as an ingredient in food from fluoridation of public water provides and fluoridation of bottled water inside the limitations set forth in § one hundred sixty five.110(b)(ii) (see § a hundred and seventy.forty five).

We are not conscious of added fluorinated compounds to different foods and would consider such an addition to be subject to a food additive approval beneath part 409 of the FD&C Act. Moreover, mandatory declaration is required if a claim about fluoride content material is made on the label or within the labeling of meals (see § a hundred and one.9(c)).

To our information, the IOM additionally has not agreed to reevaluate the DRI for sodium as asserted by the comment. (Comment 337) One comment advised that reference to any daily nutritional consumption or requirement for sodium is misleading and that we must always halt any additional consideration of regulations on the sodium content material of meals. The comment mentioned that neither the AI nor the UL established by the IOM should be used to recommend consumption levels of sodium as a result of they are inconsistent with results from populations research on sodium consumption (Refs. ). The remark also said that using the AI and UL would violate the National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Act, 7 U.S.C 5301 et seq.

The 2005 IOM Electrolytes report reviewed the evidence for plasma renin and concluded that, in distinction to blood strain, there is no consensus on the interpretation of plasma renin activity and its function in guiding therapy for high blood pressure (Ref. 166). In addition, while sodium was nominated as a part of the DRI nomination course of that was developed to help Federal Agencies prioritize which nutrients are reviewed, the IOM has not been requested to undertake a re-analysis of the DRI for sodium as asserted by the comment (Ref. 183).

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