Keeping your hot tub clean to preserve the life of your spa

Keeping your hot tub clean to preserve the life of your spa is necessary. We will discuss the measures you can take to ensure that your hot tub is clean.
1) Keeping it covered
This one may seem vague approach as we are talking here about cleaning your hot tub. But if it is covered when not in use, it will not get dirty, so no need to clean it! You can get protective and insulating covers of premium quality with all standard Bullfrog Spas Models. It only takes 15 minutes.
2) Filters should be clean
Ensure that the filters are cleaned regularly. It will help keeping the water clean and improving the longevity of your spa. Regular cleaning every 3 to 6 weeks is recommended and it takes up to 20 minutes.
3) Keep changing the Water
Filters will do their whot-tup-careork but changing the water at occasional and regular intervals is recommended. It is advised to change the water every one to four months. This process can take up to one hour.
4) Spa Shell Surface care
The Spa shell surface also needs to be cleaned while you change the water. Regular maintenance prevents buildup at and below the water line. It usually takes around 15 minutes!



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