Hidden truths and facts of the 3-day diet

facts of the 3-day diet

The military 3-day diet has become quite known for its effectiveness throughout the world. Now that the news has reached you as well and you’d like to try it, all these diet plans, charts of the military diet seem confusing and you can’t possibly wrap your head around them. Here we offer you some details and hidden truths which will enable you to get a better understanding of this distinct diet. Firstly we will state some details about the 3-day dieting and then we will divert our attention to some often unrevealed facts.

Weekly diet plan

This precise diet is essentially a weekly diet plan, separated into two periods. The first period covers three days, where you have to follow a strict, controlled calorie intake, whereas the second period is a four-day interval where you’re responsible for maintaining the calorie intake.

Structured and effective diet

The diet plan is so brilliantly structured and effective that you might lose weight of up to 10 pounds in one week. Therefore, it’s rightfully regarded as one of the most successful weight loss diet plan ever.

Calorie intake

According to the military meal plan, on your first day you can consume about 1400 calories, while on your last day, the number of calories decreases and should be no more than 1100 calories. The calorie intake is to be followed within the first three days and be maintained for the next four days. This period of one week can be extremely beneficial for you, and bring you results as you never imagined before.

More often than not some important facts and truths related to this low-calorie diet are omitted:

Coffee and tea

The first hidden truth is that you are allowed to have as much tea or coffee as you wish and need. You should only be careful not to put sugar in the coffee or tea. If they are not sweetened with sugar, then you’re actually not adding calories in them.


Another essential fact is that you have to drink as much water as you can, during the dieting. Water doesn’t contain calories, so you should not worry about consuming more calories than you’re supposed to. In fact, water is a crucial part of any diet, as it helps you detoxify your body and lose weight. So, please do not forget to drink a lot of water.

The second period

In addition,you should practice while on this diet is to maintain the eating habit during the remaining four days. On the rest four days, you ought to eat normally and healthy, but beware not to cross the limit of 1400 calories per day.

No snacks in-between

And last but not least, have in mind that while you follow this 3-day diet, you can’t consume snacks or any kind of food in between your meals. You should focus on just these meals.

If you maintain a diet plan within the scope of the military kind of diet, it’s very probable that you are going to lose 10 pounds within a week. For that reason, diet experts include it in the list of top 5 weight loss diets in the world.



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