Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most sought-after treatments for removing unwanted hair from your body. A lot of people tend to get embarrassed by excessive hair growth. Shaving and waxing every once in a while can get tedious and exhausting after some time. Learn more about the process here.


Laser hair removal is the best for light-skinned individuals with dark hair growth. The treatment is generally safe and successful in most cases. However, if an inexperienced or inefficient professional handles it, it can lead to burning or scarring of the skin. It can lead to discoloration and other negative effects. Make sure to get laser treatment from a certified professional under the supervision of a dermatologist or specialized doctor who properly understands the laser system and its impact on the skin. Never go for professionals that are not equipped with certification and necessary credentials.

The process of hair removal

The procedure for hair removal treatment involves cleaning the body part that is going to be treated. Many patients require numbing gel or creams in case they are sensitive. The numbing cream helps reduce the impact of the treatment. It requires about 30 minutes to an hour to work. The laser treatment process happens in rooms that are specially curated for treatments. Everyone in the room must have protective eyewear on when the process is going on. During the process, the skin is exposed to the laser. The sensation may feel like the snapping of rubber bands.

The removal of hair by laser treatment is done by vaporization. The process leads to the release of smoke plumes that are similar to sulfur in terms of smell.

Length of treatment

The length of laser hair treatment is dependent upon the area which will be under process. If the size is large, like a present on the back or legs, the process can take about an hour or more. However, treating minor areas like the upper lips required a few minutes or even less.


After removing the hair from a laser treatment, the patients must practice skin protection from sun rays to avoid any potential side effects. It is extremely important to stay away from sunlight, especially in treated areas. Along with that, avoid tanning beds, sun lamps, and other systems used for tanning. Make sure to follow the regimen provided by your dermatologist regarding the post-treatment.

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