7 Smart Tips for Maintaining Health during the Rainy Season

The dry season has passed and soon we will face the rainy season. Seasonal changes sometimes make our bodies vulnerable to health problems and contract diseases.
This is because the body is forced to adapt to different temperatures and humidity than before.
Therefore there is nothing wrong if we start preparing ourselves to stay healthy and avoid various diseases that come in the rainy season.

Rainwater for most people does not affect their health. However, there are some people who will experience dizziness or fever after direct rain.
According to the Ministry of Health, during the rainy season it is indeed an opportunity for microorganisms that make people sick to attack.
There are various diseases that usually occur during the rainy season, including: flu, cough, diarrhea, runny nose, dengue fever and skin diseases.

Well, to prevent diseases in the rainy season attacking our bodies, here are some tips that can be done so that you stay healthy and can be active during the rainy season.

1. Available Umbrellas and Raincoats
The saying that is paying for it before it rains is true. If we always provide umbrellas and raincoats in our bags or vehicles it will help you not to get exposed to rain directly.
Umbrellas and raincoats really help us to avoid the rain directly directly protecting our heads. Because some people will experience dizziness if the head is exposed to rain directly.

2. Consumption of Vitamins
One way to maintain the condition of the body so that it is always fit is to take vitamins. Consumption of vitamin C is very useful for maintaining the stability of our immune system. With immune function awake, your body becomes better and prevented from various diseases.
The content of vitamin C can also be obtained naturally from the content of fruits such as citrus fruits, strawberries and much more.
Taking vitamin C regularly will ensure that your body’s vitamin C needs are met, which in turn will help you improve immune system function in the body.

3. Eat healthy food
Maintaining food during the rainy season is very important to maintain the body’s condition to stay healthy and fit. During the rainy season, the temperature becomes lower and the body also needs many calories to warm the body.
In addition, the body also needs a lot of nutritional intake to prevent disease. Nutrition is an important aspect of endurance. If you lack nutrition, your immune system decreases.
So that germs are easier to enter and develop. Foods that are recommended to maintain our body’s condition to stay healthy are mainly vegetables, fruits, and dishes with spices.

4. Drink water
During the rainy season, the factor that we must also pay attention to is maintaining our body fluids. Usually during the rainy season the air gets cold and makes our thirst less and makes people lazy to drink water.
Even though our bodies still need fluids. For that you must still consume water according to your body’s needs every day.
Drinking lots of water also helps detox the body from toxins and keeps the body immune from disease. Make sure the water you drink is clean and cooked.

5. Pay attention to sleep patterns
Regular sleep patterns are also one way to help your body stay healthy and fit. In the rainy season the air becomes colder than usual. This sometimes interferes with your sleep pattern.
There are some people who experience insomnia or even frequent sleepiness throughout the day. This of course will greatly disrupt your daily activities.

6. Maintain Environmental Cleanliness
Keeping the environment clean is also very necessary to maintain your body’s health when the rainy season arrives. A clean environment will minimize the spread of diseases that usually occur in the rainy season.
In the rainy season higher air humidity makes waste or waste easier to rot which eventually becomes a source of germs.

7. Sports
Maintaining the condition of the body to stay healthy and fit is to do sports regularly. Exercise is a simple and easy method but the benefits are great. Rain and cold conditions are no reason to spend time exercising every day.
Exercising is not always just outside the house, there are many types of light exercise you can do inside the house. No need to exercise long and be too heavy. You just need to spend at least 30 minutes every day with a light exercise option in the house.