5 Things that Contribute to Better Circulation for Glowing Skin

A beautiful skin shows that a person is in good health. To keep your skin looking healthy, you must first keep your circulation (circulatory) system healthy. Since the blood carries chemicals, pollutants and other harmful agents throughout the body, you must have proper circulation because if not these toxins are not removed properly thus causes illnesses both on the body and on the skin. Therefore you must keep you circulation pumping at maximal levels in order to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Better circulation for glowing skin with the following things

Better Circulation for Glowing Skin (3).

#1– Regular Exercise

Exercises, most especially aerobic workouts, elevate heart rate and pump the blood faster to your body. Acne Skin Care Site stated that once the blood becomes oxygenated it boosts circulation throughout the body which includes the skin. You will notice that after you’re finished with your workout, a rosy glow appearance show on your face, neck and upper chest. This is due to an increased blood supply which bring the toxins to the surface wherein they are cleansed and cleared, leaving a glowing skin.

#2 – Water

Drinking enough water not only hydrates the body but also adds moisture to the skin. Water aids in flushing toxins out from the body through sweating and urination, keeping the skin and kidneys healthy. Insufficient water in the body slows circulation making the skin dry, flaky and wrinkled looking skin. To keep proper hydration in the body and makes the skin looking beautiful, one should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

#3 – Taking a Shower

Shower enhances circulation and makes the skin glowing. First, use hot water but not so hot that it burns you. Hot water opens the pores of your skin thus releases dirt, debris and oils. It brings the blood to the surface and into the tiny capillaries of the body. After using hot water for 1-2 minutes, finish your shower with cold water. While hot water oxygenate the blood and flush the skin, cold water closes the pores keeping the skin clean and glowing.

#4 – Scrubbing and Rubbing

While taking a shower, you must scrub your whole body with a loofah, a terry washcloth or a slightly rough cleansing pad. Use a shower scrub product that consists of apricot kernels or any grainy substance for extra cleansing. Scrubbing your skin removes dead skin, leaving a new, healthy skin underneath. Be sure not to rub your skin too hard so as not to injure it. Use a thick cotton terry cloth towel after shower to absorb moisture and give your skin a final polish.

#5 – Clay Masks and Wraps

The clay masks and wraps for the face and the body have been used for centuries in order to remove toxins through the skin. Cleansing clay from the Dead Sea contains minerals and other compounds that help with cleansing and revitalizing process. A clay mask and wrap also contain bentonite clay which is highly absorbent when it dries and this pulls the toxins and oils beneath the skin’s surface and bring blood to the surface, stimulating circulation. Be sure to follow instructions that come with the product and don’t overuse clay based facials because it can cause breakouts before the skin clears. Since clay facials remove dry skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles thus make your skin glow with freshness.

There are indeed some habits or things that help with better circulation for glowing skin. These have to be included in your skin care regimen.

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