14 Tips on How to Care for Dry Skin

There are only few individuals who possess normal skin, the rest either have dry, oily or the combination of every skin type. If your problem is having dry skin, you can remedy it the natural way or through the help of some purchased excellent products which will help hydrate your skin.

Care for Dry Skin

Tip #1:

First, you have to drink approximately eight glasses of water daily to keep your skin excellently hydrated. You must also consume healthy diet like fruits and vegetables plus.  In addition to that, you should regulate your sun exposure.

Tip #2:

Wash your face not more than two times daily using a mild cleanser designed for dry skin. Washing more frequently can dehydrate your skin.

Tip #3:

When showering or taking a bath shortly, utilize tepid water rather than hot. You must also regulate your showers and baths to once a day. Utilize soap only on the parts of your body where it is needed like your underarms and groin.

Tip #4:

Incorporate some teaspoons of olive oil or lavender-scent oil to your bath.

Tip #5:

Dab your skin dry following washing. Prevent rubbing it vigorously with your towel because this means can remove the essential oils required for moisture.

Tip #6:

Put on moisturizer while your skin is still moist. Pay attention to the advice of specialists when selecting a moisturizer by way of reading the ingredients incorporated in the product.

Tip #7:

You must learn that moisturizers include components which lock-in water in your skin, as well as water binders, which beat moisture from the internal coating of the skin to the topmost layer. Search for ingredients like glycerin, alpha hydroxyl acids, urea and lactic acids (these are all binders), along with petrolatum, lanolin or silicone by-products (which are the binders). Since there are assortments of products available, you can ask your dermatologist or other skin care specialist to recommend moisturizer that will best suit your needs. However, you might consider the trial and error method to find the most excellent product.

Tip #8:

Aspire for a contented height of moisture in your home and office because excessive heat or air-conditioning can steal your skin the much needed moisture.

Tip #9:

Seek the advice of an allergist to discover if an allergic response is the one instigating your dry skin.

Tip #10:

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol because they can bring about dehydration.

Tip #11:

Keep away from incorporated scent, stabilizers and botanicals, which might inflame your already dehydrated skin.

Tip #12:

Seek the advice of your physician if you possess inflamed, red or scaly skin because you might have already a severe condition needing medical treatment.

Tip #13:

There are several excellent answers for your dehydrated skin that you can incorporate with your daily skin regimen like coconut oil, carrot juice, mineral oil, and baby oil. All of these can do marvels on all kinds of dry skin.

Tip #14:

Lastly, you have to limit sun exposure because the sun discharges many toxic rays that can destroy your skin and result desiccation. Make sure to always put on sunscreen when going out in the open. You must also put on clothing that can conceal your arms and legs to prevent acquiring sun injury.

Now you know a lot of tips to remedy your dry skin.  Find the tips that suit you most and incorporate it in your daily routine.

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